Lector codigo de barras+ ccd 68mm USB negro


Lector codigo de barras+ ccd 68mm USB negro

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The CCD-1800 barcode scanner is a newly released, powerful barcode
scanner that is capable of identifying vague or small barcodes.
It features a 1500 pixels high resolution scan engine (up to 360 scans
per second), light-weight housing and ergonomic design, which make it
ideal for repetitively long-period of scanning task.
Scan Speed: 360 scan / sec
Depth of Field: 0 ~ 50 mm
Connectivity:, USB
Compatibility: PC, Embedded System, PS / 2, POS Terminals Support.
Ergonomic Design & Durable Housing Easy to Operate for 24 / 7 Operation

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USB 2.0
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